Food & Beverage Startups

Startups are fueled by passion, and run by courageous risk-takers. We respect the hell out of that.



Brisan's team is here to support you through the growing pains with the same industrial ingredients from prototype to high-volume commercial product, maintaining your product's identity with consistent raw materials. With our knowledge of commercialization, we can help guide your startup company to make the best long-term decisions. 



A lot of large ingredient companies "don't have time" for the little man. Not only will we supply you with industrial raw materials with small minimums, but we will also hold your hand through strategizing and commercialization — increasing your rate of success. (We've got your back.) 


And since we're an à la carte resource hub, you can pick and choose the goods / services that your project requires, and nothing more.


Because We See Your Dream Just As Clearly As You


Here's the Services We Can Support You With


Entrepreneur Strategy Counsel

We can support your startup with macro business strategizing, to assist with successful decision making. 



Selecting a Co-Man

We can help you select the right co-manufacturer for your company, application, desired pack-size, and storage.



Development Support

We can supply you with the perfect food scientist or culinary developer to help scale-up your gold standard product or start at the beginning with a concept, translating to industrial raw material — making for a seamless process. (Learn more about our food product development services)



Scale-Up Guidance

We can simply consult your company with accurate scale-up guidance. This stage is especially difficult to individuals who are new to the industrial side of the food & beverage industry. With out help, we can help you make the right decisions off the bat.



Custom Blending

We can create custom blends for your products, to help with plant and process efficiency. Learn more about our custom ingredient blending services



Regulatory Consulting

We can support your company with proper, legal, regulatory support — ingredient declarations, nutritional statements, documentation creation, claim guidance, macro FDA and USDA strategizing, and we can advise on HACCP plans. Learn more about our food and beverage consulting services


And a Diverse Ingredient Pipeline


Is your startup company looking to source industrial raw materials for R&D bench work or small batch production, but can't commit to gigantic MOQ's? We thought you might. We know how difficult industrial sourcing can be for the "little man".


Brisan provides industrial ingredients with very small minimums and very big customer service. We treat your startup company with the respect and attentiveness we would provide a Fortune-100 company.




Because Brisan also started as an entrepreneurial company — and are going on over 20 successful years. So long story short, we get what you're going through and can help you grow. 

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