We are rogue food & beverage experts.


What We're All About

Brisan is an à la carte food and beverage resource hub located in Chicago's restaurant district. Our resources include:  ingredients,  experts, and insights. We provide goods and services to startups and medium to large industrial and food service companies. 

Over the past 20 years, Brisan’s team of industry-raised, food & beverage ingredient experts have mastered well-rounded proficiency in sourcing, marketing, development, and commercialization. Our versatile skills, valuable resource pipeline, and trend insights position Brisan as a strategic business partner and has earned us clients of all sizes — from startups to Fortune-100's. 


Our Core Team

We're small on purpose. Brisan is a nimble team of smart, passionate, technical people. 


Get to Know Us Better

Brisan was founded in 1996 as a traditional ingredient broker for the food & beverage industry. Now president, Brian Vogt, quickly took over managing the company and purchased Brisan in 2005. Twenty-three year old Vogt reflected on his company goals, mission, and aspirations, and sensibly rebuilt Brisan’s corporate structure. After countless hours, elbow grease, and a “can-do” attitude, Vogt restructured the company from maintaining 25 excessive principals, to just four highly-technical manufacturers. 


Over the past decade, Brisan has proudly established partnerships with over a dozen sophisticated, world-class manufacturers and multiple talented, industry-raised people. The accomplished team at Brisan challenges convention, resulting in creative solutions that disrupt the industry. Brisan is a team of zealous developers, science nerds, foodies, and enthusiastic planners — eager to problem solve your most challenging projects. 



Building strong relationships and delivering seamless efficiency by providing world-class ingredients and superior answers.


Food From Thought® Tagline

All we provide, share and create are products of careful thought.  Our tagline is a reflection of all that Brisan does.


Feel Good About Working With Us

We give back to organizations that support issues that matter to us, because we care. We support: Rice Bowls, FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), NFF (National Forest Foundation), The Children's Heart Foundation, The Heart Foundation, and Imerman Angels.


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